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Luka Bloom - Union Chapel, Islington on 30 November 1999

Until I can trace my original review of this wonderful concert, I can only offer the set list and a few snatched (ie poor) photos, mainly taken at the end of Luka's performance, as I did not want to distract him with a camera flash.

Set list: -

Holy Ground
The Shape Of Love To Come
The Hungry Ghost
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Natural Mystic (Bob Marley)
Here and Now
I'm a Bogman
Keeper of the Flame (Nina Simone)
Black is the Colour
Exploring the Blue
Love is a Monsoon
Sunny Sailor Boy
I Need Love
Perfect Groove
You Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time
Leaving Lhasa
The Fertile Rock


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