I have recently set up two blogs, which are based elsewhere so clicking on them will take you to another site.

First, Brain Tracings - (Saw This and Thought of.....)

My new  blog is off-site and not concerned solely with music but with any old topic that crosses the brain.  Early topics covered include:-

bulletSeeing former BBC Gaza correspondent and kidnap victim Alan Johnston with Jon Snow at the RSA
bulletSuspecting that my MP3 player knows my mood and caters to that (on which I will later expand)
bulletThe joyous nostalgia of watching the old 70s comedy Doctor in the House on DVD
bulletThe importance of Remembrance and the impressive television programmes shown around Remembrance Day, such as the heart-wrenching Forgotten Heroes: the Not Dead and Ian Hislop's Not Forgotten
bulletWatching repeats of the 80s UK version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and seeing some of those comedians regularly at the Comedy Store
bulletVisiting an orthopaedic consultant at an NHS hospital and learning I have something in common with Wayne Rooney
bullet The odd glimpse of wildlife, such as watching a pigeon family raise its surprisingly cute (at one stage) bambino outside my kitchen window

Music topics will be covered occasionally, but basically I will post about whatever meandering journeys my brain has taken me on that day or so....

  Click here if you would like to visit it or contribute comments:-

Brain Tracings (Saw This and Thought of....)

Second, Talk About Last Night

I've set this blog up to replace the guest book on this site, which was defeated by spam, (although previously left comments remain on the Guest Book page), and although I might occasionally add some music thoughts there instead of two the Brain Tracings blog, it's principally just there for you to add any comments you have about this site, about any great concerts you've been to, about what you're listening to these days.....so please visit it and have your say by clicking the link below!

Talk About Last Night...


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