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Click on the subject below to view my recommendations.   In the old days, I would regularly make mixed tapes for friends in order to expose them to new music.  In this time of MP3 players, it is more difficult to share in quite the same way, so I can only recommend some things I hope you will open your minds to, take a chance on and welcome into your home.  (I intend to add to all of these pages as I get time; I have many worthy recommendations to make but not so many hours in the day to write about them!)

Apologies for the fact that I have neglected these pages so terribly.  I have loads of new albums that I want to tell you about, but finding sufficient time to write about them is tricky if I want to do them justice and convince some of you to part with your precious time and money to delve into the world of a new artist (or one you'd long since given up on)!  Please do check back....


Albums - Newish

Albums - Oldish   


Discoveries - Artists who show potential and should be heard    


Songs - I can't make you a mixed tape, but I can recommend some sounds you should whack onto your I-pod     

If you would like to get a feel of the artists I love, if you haven't already done so through my Reviews, I can tell you that I intend to add, when I get time, recommendations of various works of the following artists:-

bulletAdam Masterson
bulletBap Kennedy
bulletBlue Nile
bulletBoo Hewerdine
bulletBrian Kennedy
bulletCatie Curtis
bulletDamien Dempsey
bulletDar Williams
bulletDave Dobbyn
bulletDavid Mead
bulletEddi Reader
bulletEleanor McEvoy
bulletHeather Nova
bulletHorse Stories
bulletHowie Day
bulletJane Siberry
bulletJohn Martyn
bulletJosh Ritter
bulletLoudon Wainwright III
bulletLuka Bloom
bulletLyle Lovett
bulletMara Carlyle
bulletMark Nevin
bulletMartina Sorbara
bulletMatt Nathanson
bulletMichael Penn
bulletPaddy Casey
bulletPatty Griffin
bulletPaul Brady
bulletPhil Roy
bulletRebecka Trnqvist
bulletRichard Thompson
bulletRoddy Frame
bulletRufus Wainwright
bulletSam Phillips
bulletSolomon Burke
bulletThea Gilmore
bulletTom Baxter


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